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Currently Waltham Forest Parent Forum (WFPF) has a Steering Group of 12 led by a Participation Director. Take a closer look below. New members will be added soon.



I have two children, the youngest of whom, Harry, has autism and complex epilepsy. Formally a teacher, I have been with the Forum since 2008, after being invited to be involved in a parent participation project. I love being part of WFPF because we all bring something unique to the table and make a strong and formidable force for change!



I am the mum of 4 children. My son has CFC syndrome and autism.

I became involved with WFPF in 2010 and I hope with my experience of the SEND system I can support other families. My child is 24 so I have been through the EHC process, the transition between primary-secondary-6th form-college and am now transitioning him to adulthood.



My name is Asta. I have two children, Vanesa 18 who has autism and  a son 12. I joined the forum in 2010 and soon after, the steering group. WFPF gave me the support I needed, and I want to share that with other parents. I believe that power is in numbers and as a group of parents we can achieve more.



My name is Korina and my daughter, Aurora, is autistic. She continuously inspires and motivates me to use my skills and knowledge to make life a little bit easier for people with different abilities and their families. I have been a member of the forum since 2015 and I sit on the SEND board and various steering groups. 

Waltham Forest Parent Forum Steering Group - Janet


We are sad to report that Janet, one of our most recent appointees to the steering group, passed away suddenly during the summer.  

Although she lived in Luton, she was a devoted mother and grandmother to her family who lived in Waltham Forest and was often in borough with the children. 

She was a steering group member for just a short time, but Janet was really enjoying contributing to and learning from the steering group members and was enthusiastic about the forum’s work; indeed, within days of signing up she had agreed to represent the forum, by herself, at a school event! 

Janet, we didn’t know you for long, but you will be sorely missed by us all!


I founded the parent forum in 2008 and spent 10 years running it with Carol doing everything from making tea at meetings to sitting on local and national boards to feedback the view of families. In 2018 I relocated to Suffolk but still support the forum in an advisory and admin role.



Hi, I am a full-time Mum.  I have 4 boys. The 3 younger ones have SEND. Abbas is 24, Ali is 18 and Farhaan is 18. All three have global developmental delay, no speech, epilepsy and are on the autism spectrum. I have been in the forum for several years and I joined the steering group about 2 years ago.




I am Chali. I have one cheeky, full of beautiful smiles, son, CJ, who has severe autism. I joined the forum in 2009 and in 2010 joined the steering group. WFPF has been brilliant, giving me lots of support and help, so I'm keen to give back and share my experience and the knowledge I've gained to other SEND families.



My name is Yasmin, I am a parent to a son with autism. My previous experience of working in the voluntary sector with families helps me when trying to support others. I joined the forum in 2018 and enjoy being part of the steering group.  It's a great opportunity that educates me and enables me to make a difference to vulnerable children.

Waltham Forest Parent Forum - Sally


Hi, my name is Sally and I am a Mum of 3. My eldest son is 18 with Asperger's and my 14 year old daughter has Downs Syndrome and Autism. I have been a parent rep for a few years, but I am now a part of the steering group as I love to help and support others. I also really want to be able to advise and guide the services that are there to support the children and families in our borough.

Waltham Forest Parent Forum - Caitlin_edited.jpg


I joined the Parent Forum in 2021 around the time my then 3yr old son was diagnosed with Autism. I'm joining the Steering Group relatively early in my journey as a parent carer and hope that I can learn from those with lots more experience and help reach other parent carers of younger children who may, like me, feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face.

Waltham Forest Parent Forum - Jenna


My name is Jenna and I have two sons. My eldest , Eli, has a severe learning disability, Autism and Epilepsy. I joined the forum in 2017 and the steering group in 2022. I love the sense of community WFPF gives me and I am passionate about supporting parents and ensuring our children have a place in society.


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