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Supporting families with disabled children in Waltham Forest


2017 Events

The forum will be holding a  number of events in 2017 open to parent carers and professionals working with families who have a child with addtional needs. Information events will have speakers from the local authority who will be providing updates and information on changes to services and new ways of working in the borough. Our other events will cover triaining and practical support. Booking is ESSENTIAL.  

Health Services Information Event

Thursday 9th MARCH 2017  10.30AM-1PM. Refreshments and registration from 10AM

Peterhouse Centre: Upper Walthamstow Road E17 3PW

Information Event: Health Services



NVR Training Day with Sarah Fisher - Parent NVR Coach - www.sarahpfisher.com


19th June 10.0AM -  2.30 PM. Refreshments from 9.45AM. Whitefield School, McDonald Road, Walthamstow E17 4AZ

Non-Violent Resistance, or NVR for short, is a philosophy originally used by Gandhi and Mandela as a way of taking a stand against aggressive regimes.  It was adapted by Prof Haim Omer to be used in a family setting and focusses on developing strong, connected relationships between the parent(s) and child.  It does not try to change the child using any form of behaviour management strategy, instead it uses the presence of the parent which in NVR is known as ‘parental presence’.  It uses reconciliation gestures to let the child know it is loved, thought about and even understood, and are a means by which the parent can begin to address the child’s unmet needs.  Over time the parent begins to feel more empowered in the relationship and the connection between parent and child improves.

NVR can be used by itself or alongside other therapies.  It takes commitment and persistence from the parent but it is very effective.


Outline of the day

The training will cover:

•An overview of NVR

•connecting with your child using parental presence,

•showing them you love them (irrespective of their behaviour),

•how to deal with meltdowns,

•prioritising different behaviours and

•the importance of self-care (something most parents ignore!).



Professional tickets are available via the forum shop page on this website at a cost of

£10 per ticket